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All About Karen Cliche
Moment at the LA Femme Film Festival 
7th-Oct-2007 08:01 am

Pic from Karencliche.net

From PR Leap, here is a review of Karen Cliche's short film Moment, which recently aired at the L.A. Femme Film Festival, including some statements from one of the film's co-creators, Jill Carter.

A Great moment At The LA Femme Film Festival


(PRLEAP.COM) First time director/producer Jill Carter and writer/producer Suesan Danesh are very pleased that their film has been selected to screen at the LA Femme Film Festival. Ms. Carter stated that : “As female filmmakers we understand and appreciate the effort this festival and the people who support it, are putting forth to help women move forward in this industry.”

The short film beautifully captures the delicacy between a lost moment and a lived moment with charming simplicity. It tells the story of Anne, a young professional who is getting ready for her day, all the familiar images of morning are there. When two men show up at her door unexpectedly, Anne’s calm morning is filled with anticipation.

Long time friends, Ms. Carter and Ms. Danesh have always recognized and appreciated each other’s talents: Carter’s strong sense of visual story telling united with her knowledge of the arts, her extensive background in the film industry as a script supervisor on many feature films and television series (Saint Ralph, P2, Hitler: The Rise of Evil and Due South) and Danesh’s ability to express her ideas through the written word coupled with a keen business sense. So with a shared vision and enthusiasm of telling compelling stories that are universally accessible, the two put pen to paper and developed the script for moment. With the help of a group of 25 industry professionals that Carter had worked with in the past, the two were able to bring their stylistic vision to fruition.

Moment which was self-financed by a fundraiser organized for the film, was shot on S16 mm film over the course of two and half days. Key players include Executive Producer Wendy Grean (producer of It’s A Boy Girl Thing, Company Man and Picture Claire), Cinematographer D Gregor Hagey (Rub and Tug, Phil The Alien and Run Rob Run) and Chris Van Dyke an award winning commercial editor (Cannes Lions, Clios and The Canadian Besses). Canadian actress Karen Cliche (Flash Gordon, The Business, Mutant X and Adventure Inc.) convincingly plays the lead roll of Anne with great subtlety. Canadian independent musicians Amy Millan (Stars) and Todor Kobakov (Major Maker) delightfully contributed to the film. Todor’s mesmerizing original score marvelously echoes Amy’s song “Skinny Boy”.

“I am really proud of the way the film has turned out. For a first film you couldn’t ask for anything more and I am really glad people are responding to it,” Carter said. “This is the first story I’ve written and now we’ve made a short of it, somebody was supposed to stop me!” Danesh was quoted as saying. moment has screened at numerous festivals, including some of the most prestigious festivals on the continent where it was vying for Academy Award consideration: the Rhode Island International Film Festival and the LA Shorts International Film Festival. Building on this success, Carter and Danesh are ready to tackle their next projects. They have already begun collaborating on another short called “ninety-one” about childhood memories and have a number of features and television series in development.

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