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TV Squad has posted a short video of their interviews with the cast of Flash Gordon on the last day of their Sci Fi digital press tour. Along with Karen, the actors featured are Eric Johnson (Flash), Gina Holden (Dale Arden), and Jody Racicot (Dr. Hans Zarkov).

In addition, Sci-Fi.com's official Flash Gordon website has added a gallery of Flash Gordon set pictures and a video teaser for the show.
4th-Jun-2007 02:29 am - Karen Cliche Update: Moment

Karen has posted on her Official Forum that her new short film Moment will be playing in Canada at the Winnipeg International Film Festival June 8th, at 8 pm, in the Prairie Theatre Exchange - SAAN theatre. The film was directed by Jill Carter and written by Suesan Danesh.

Film Synopsis

Have you ever wondered about that instant between a lost moment and a lived moment? In her film moment, first time director Jill Carter beautifully captures the delicacy of such an instant with charming simplicity. Anne (Karen Cliche), a young professional is getting ready for her day. All the familiar images of morning are there. Two men(Jefferson Brown and Jason Gautreau) show up at her door unexpectedly and Anne's calm morning is filled with anticipation.


Life is made up of moments, moments that live consciously, taking them in, contemplating them, and considering them. But life is also made up of moments that we live unconsciously, letting them pass us by. We neither notice them nor are affected by them...or are we? What happens in a moment for it to move from our unconscious to our conscious, what part do we play in that transition? It is the universal truth of these moments that was the inspiration for this short film.

More information about the Winnipeg Film Festival can be found here, in case any of you can attend.
12th-May-2007 07:17 pm - Karen Cliche Interview #12: Mutant X

Pic from On & On

SciFi Talk is an incredible library of recorded interviews with the actors and producers of science fiction television and film. Back in 2002, the site's owner interviewed each of the main Mutant X cast members. These interviews vanished from the site ages ago, but I recently happened upon the owner's MySpace and asked whether he could revive them.

Today Karen's podcast is up! You can listen to the interview here:


And for the Mutant X fans among you, Forbes March (Jesse Kilmartin)'s podcast is here, Victoria Pratt (Shalimar Fox)'s is here, and John Shea (Adam Kane)'s is here. :)
2nd-May-2007 01:15 pm - Karen Update: Flash Gordon

Karen with her loving hubby. Pic from Safesearching

Karen Cliche has recently posted on her official forum that she's going to have a role in the new Sci-Fi Channel series Flash Gordon with Eric Johnson (from Smallville)!

In her own words: "I play Baylin, who is not without a little tough, sexy, butt kickin attitude!"

Whether you remember Alex Raymond's original Flash Gordon 1930's comic books, the short-lived 1950's television series, or the 1980 film with Sam Jones, the Sci-Fi Channel's latest series is being advertised as a 21st century spin upon the previous versions. The show will premiere on August 10th.

Here are two short articles about Flash from TV Squad 4/11/07 and VFX World 4/28/07:

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Some cool Flash Gordon links to check out:

Wikipedia entry

Tony's Flash Gordon fansite

A site to listen to the original radio broadcasts

Flash Gordon 1980 Movie fansite

Queen's Flash Gordon theme song on YouTube
[LOL, this one brought back memories. "Flash! Aaa-aaah! King of the impossible!"]
12th-Apr-2007 02:18 pm - Karen Cliche Article: Young Blades

From Maple Ridge Times, here's an October 2004 article about Karen in Young Blades.

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Pic from Eronn RPG Icons

Here's an update on Karen Cliche's latest projects:

According to Karen's recent post on her official forum, she has an upcoming appearance on the Sci-Fi Channel's show, The Dresden Files. Based upon Jim Butcher's series, the television show is about the wizard-turned private investigator, Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden.

She will also guest-star as Vicky in the episode "Murder Mystery Weekend" of the show 'Til Death Do Us Part. On this Court TV show, Jim Waters stars as the Groom Reaper, commenting upon tales of marital murders.

Pic from The Official Mutant X Site

In this scanned 2004 Starlog interview on Karen Cliche.com, Karen reflects on her role as Lexa, and her time on Adventure Inc.

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14th-Dec-2006 06:29 pm - Karen Cliche Interview #10: Mutant X

Pic from Karen Cliche.com

Click here to view a YouTube video of Karen giving the grand set tour to none other than Ed the Sock.
23rd-Nov-2006 01:12 am - Karen Cliche Interview #9: Mutant X

Pic from Starpulse

Here is another Dreamwatch interview with Karen about Lexa, a little later in Mutant X.

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Pic from Stuff Magazine.

Karen's interview with Starlog describes her role in Adventure Inc., Mackenzie Previn.

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